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Our mission is provide unique learning experiences and fundamental science education to students across A&M.

Perhaps more so than any other college at Texas A&M University, the College of Science embodies all of the many different forms of teaching inherent in a major research university. From providing introductory courses to every major on campus as well as advanced courses to our majors, to directing the Ph.D. research of mathematical and laboratory scientists and helping to solve problems affecting preK-12 education, we're at the forefront of educational efforts designed to produce the next generation of scientists, educators, and leaders of our professions.

Class Service

The College of Science provides the required mathematics, statistics, and science foundations for all 68,000-plus Texas A&M majors. In Calendar Year 2016, Texas A&M Science faculty taught ~85,000 student courses to ~30,000 unique students. In addition to eight undergraduate majors, university studies options and 10 graduate degree programs, we feature a variety of minors and certificate programs, as well as distance options.

PreK-12 Education

As one of Texas' most prominent scientific educational resources, the College of Science is one of its leading proponents of public education reform. We annually sponsor a wide variety of educational science activities for K-12 students through our Educational Outreach and Women's Programs Office and our departments, many of which offer annual programs designed to appeal to both students and their teachers.

Current & Future Teachers

Texas A&M Science is actively involved in reversing the national science and mathematics teacher shortage through our aggieTEACH Program, which has helped Texas A&M lead the state in university trained mathematics and science teacher production the past seven years, and our Center for Mathematics and Science Education, which offers myriad resources for teachers currently in the field.

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