You get what you give

Our service to our state, nation, and colleagues aims for the greater good.

Our faculty are a source of invaluable scientific expertise through worldwide scholarly publication, service on scientific advisory and editorial boards, and leadership in international bodies. Many are actively involved in reversing a national science and mathematics teacher shortage by developing more effective tools and techniques to enhance the educational experience for K-16 students and teachers.

Basic Research

Fundamental breakthroughs have global impacts. Our faculty are involved in many intercollegiate and collaborative research groups across the globe. These serve to bring us all into the next evolution of science.


As scientists, we innately encourage innovation and discovery — two key components of the intellectual engine that drives our global economy. We also believe in giving back, serving in leadership positions on many committees, boards, and professional groups dedicated to shaping the future of scientific research and teaching as well as related policy and funding.


At a time when the United States is concerned about its global future in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), our faculty are highly involved in what they consider to be the front lines of the battle: K-12 classrooms from both the student and teacher prospective

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