Faculty Contacts for REU/491 Coursework

(Research Experience for Undergraduates)

The following faculty have either had openings in the past semester or have indicated they have an opening for the upcoming semester. Please contact them to see if you might begin a 491 (Research credit course) this semester. Availability is at the discretion of each faculty member.

Department of Biology
  Name Title/Email
Portrait of Rodolfo Aramayo Aramayo, Rodolfo Associate Professor

Research Interests: Meiosis RNA silencing non-coding RNAS cell cycle regulation informatics
Portrait of Deborah Bell-Pedersen Bell-Pedersen, Deborah Professor

Prerequisites: Interest in circadian rhythms, GPA of 3.0 or above, be able to commit at least 2 semesters to research, and must present research accomplishments at the Biology Undergraduate Poster Session.

Research Interests: Molecular genetics and genomics of biological clocks in fungi, gene regulatory mechanisms
Portrait of Michael Benedik Benedik, Michael Professor

Research Interests: Microbial genetics, microbial biotechnology, protein engineering
Portrait of Joseph Bernardo Bernardo, Joseph Research Associate Professor

Research Interests: fundamental questions in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from a multi-disciplinary, integrative perspective and using a diverse array of tools including field experiments, phylogenetically-rooted comparative statistical analyses, quantitative estimates of physiological performance, experimental analyses of reproductive behavior, and molecular genetics
Portrait of William Cohn Cohn, William Senior Lecturer

Research Interests: Physiology
Portrait of Charles Criscione Criscione, Charles Associate Professor

Research Interests: Ecology and Evolution of Parasites
Portrait of Rene Garcia Garcia, Rene Professor

Research Interests: Genetics of behavior and development in C. elegans
Portrait of Richard Gomer Gomer, Richard Professor

Research Interests: Tissue size regulation, wound healing, fibrosing diseases
Portrait of Lawrence Griffing Griffing, Lawrence Associate Professor

Research Group Website: griffing.tamu.edu

Research Interests: Structure and biochemical organization of cells; membrane trafficking
Portrait of Paul Hardin Hardin, Paul Distinguished Professor

Research Interests: Molecular biology of biological clocks in Drosophila, behavioral neurogenetics, transcriptional regulation
Portrait of Steve Lockless Lockless, Steve Associate Professor

Research Interests: Neuroscience; Evolutionary, Structural and Systems Biology
Portrait of Duncan MacKenzie MacKenzie, Duncan Associate Professor

Research Interests: Comparative endocrinology of reproduction and thyroid function in fish, amphibians and reptiles
Portrait of Thomas McKnight McKnight, Thomas Professor

Research Interests: Plant Molecular Biology and Cell Biology
Portrait of U.J. McMahan McMahan, U.J. Professor

Research Interests: Use of electron microscope tomography to study the three-dimensional organization and behavior of macromolecules at the nervous system synapses
Portrait of Rita Moyes Moyes, Rita Instructional Associate Professor

Research Interests: Microbiology, immunology
Portrait of Hongmin Qin Qin, Hongmin Associate Professor

Research Interests: Ciliogenesis and intraflage transport in Chlamydomonas and C. Elegans
Portrait of Bruce Riley Riley, Bruce Professor

Research Interests: Genetic regulation of zebra fish development
Portrait of Gil Rosenthal Rosenthal, Gil Professor

Prerequisites: Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors only

Research Interests: Evolution and ecology of animal communication; mate choice and evolutionary genetics in Mexican freshwater fishes
Portrait of Kathryn Ryan Ryan, Kathryn Instructional Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Cell and molecular biology; genetics; biochemistry
Portrait of Matthew Sachs Sachs, Matthew Professor

Research Interests: The mechanisms controlling gene regulation and genome organization in eukaryotes, primarily through studies on fungal model organisms
Portrait of Deborah Siegele Siegele, Deborah Associate Professor

Research Interests: Ontology development for microbial phenotypes and use of the ontology for annotating microbial genomes (microbialphenotypes.org)
Portrait of Michael Smotherman Smotherman, Michael Professor

Research Interests: Neurobiology of animal communication: sensory-motor integration
Portrait of Wayne Versaw Versaw, Wayne Professor

Research Interests: Plant cell and molecular biology
Portrait of Mary Wicksten Wicksten, Mary Professor

Research Interests: Adaptive coloration of marine invertebrates; distribution, behavior, and classification of easter Pacific Decapoda Crustacea
Portrait of Mark Zoran Zoran, Mark Professor

Research Interests: Developmental neurobiology; molecular determinants of synaptogenesis and synaptic specificity; mechanisms of synaptic plasticity
Department of Chemistry
  Name Title/Email
Portrait of David Barondeau Barondeau, David Associate Professor

Research Interests: Bioinorganic chemistry, metal cofactor biosynthesis, post-translational modification chemistry, enzyme catalysis, protein crystallography
Portrait of James Batteas Batteas, James Professor

Research Interests: Nanoscale materials and devices, nanofabrication via self-assembly and scanned probe lithography, molecular and organic electronics, surface chemistry, plant biopolymer surfaces and interfaces, nanotribology of oxides, molecular forces, directed assembly of proteins on surfaces
Portrait of Tadhg Begley Begley, Tadhg Distinguished Professor

Research Interests: Biosynthesis of the vitamins, enzyme mechanism, protein structure, design and synthesis of mechanistic probes, enzyme inhibitors and small molecule probes of the proteome, PET imaging using vitamins.
Portrait of David Bergbreiter Bergbreiter, David Professor

Prerequisites: Concurrent or past CHEM 227 and/or CHEM 234

Research Interests: Reactions at polymeric surfaces; polymers in heterogeneous catalysis; polymer chemistry; transition metal catalysis; polymer synthesis; asymmetric organic synthesis; organometallic chemistry
Portrait of Janet Bluemel Bluemel, Janet Professor

Research Interests: With immobilized catalysts in the center of our interests, our research spans a wide range, from organic and organometallic synthesis, through catalysis and the surface chemistry of amorphous materials, to solid-state NMR spectroscopy. Additionally, polymer chemistry forms a link to industrial applications.
Portrait of Abraham Clearfield Clearfield, Abraham Distinguished Professor

Research Interests: Crystallography; solid state chemistry; synthesis, structure, and ion exchange behavior of inorganic compounds; chemistry of zirconium; structure of coordination and organometallic compounds; layered compounds; drug delivery and functionalization of surfaces
Portrait of Donald Darensbourg Darensbourg, Donald Distinguished Professor

Research Interests: Synthetic, structural, and mechanistic studies aimed at a better understanding of important catalytic processes; processes relevant to the utilization of carbon dioxide as a starting material for the synthesis of organic compounds, including polymers
Portrait of Marcetta Darensbourg Darensbourg, Marcetta Distinguished Professor

Research Interests: synthetic and mechanistic inorganic chemistry, including functioning models of catalytic active sites in bioinorganic/organometallic/bioorganometallic systems; development of synthetic analogues of the diiron hydrogenase active site and the insight they bring to the catalytic mechanism of these natural fuel cell catalysts
Portrait of Lei Fang Fang, Lei Assistant Professor

Prerequisites: CHEM227&228

Research Interests: Organic Chemistry
No Photo Available Folden III, Charles Associate Professor

Prerequisites: Must have completed at least two years of a major in physical science, engineering, or a related field, and be at least a third-year student.

Research Interests: Production of heavy and superheavy elements, chemical properties of these elements, and nuclear forensics
Portrait of Francois Gabbai Gabbai, Francois Professor

Research Interests: Polyfunctional Lewis Acids in Molecular Recognition. Catalysis and Supramolecular Materials; Physical organic chemistry
Portrait of John Gladysz Gladysz, John Distinguished Professor

Research Interests: organometallic chemistry, catalysis, enantioselective organic synthesis, stereochemistry, green chemistry, materials chemistry, nanoscopic devices such as molecular wires and gyroscopes
Portrait of Michael Hall Hall, Michael Professor

Research Interests: Inorganic and Computational Chemistry. Theoretical studies of the electronic structure of inorganic complexes, organometallic compounds, metallo-enzymes and metal clusters. Relationship between electronic structure and chemical behavior, especially catalysis.
Portrait of Christian Hilty Hilty, Christian Professor

Research Interests: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy with emphasis on applications to chemistry and biochemistry, including the determination of molecular structure, reaction kinetics and reaction mechanisms.
Portrait of Jaan Laane Laane, Jaan Professor

Research Interests: Fourier-transform infrared, laser Raman, and jet-cooled fluorescence spectroscopy; vibrational potential energy functions; matrix isolation spectroscopy; cavity ringdown spectroscopy; nitrogen-oxygen chemistry; organometallic synthesis
Portrait of Paul Lindahl Lindahl, Paul Professor

Research Interests: Bioinorganic chemistry; structures and functions of transition metal complexes in enzymes; spectroscopy (primarily electron paramagnetic resonance), redox processes, enzyme catalysis
Portrait of Wenshe Liu Liu, Wenshe Professor

Research Interests: Bioorganic chemistry; chemical biology; enzyme kinetics; molecular biology; protein crystallography; protein engineering
Portrait of Simon North North, Simon Professor

Research Interests: Study of atmospherically relevant photoinduced reactions and tropospheric oxidation reactions; state-to-state unimolecular reaction dynamics; development of high resolution laser-based probes of transient species
Portrait of Oleg Ozerov Ozerov, Oleg Professor

Research Interests: Application of organometallic expertise to the solving of problems of making and breaking bonds in organic substrates
No Photo Available Powers, David Assistant Professor

Prerequisites: Chem 227

Research Interests: Shape selective catalysis, hydrocarbon oxidation, chemistry of energy conversion
Portrait of Frank Raushel Raushel, Frank Distinguished Professor

Research Interests: Determination of enzyme reaction mechanisms and protein structure using kinetic, genetic, and magnetic resonance techniques
Portrait of David Russell Russell, David Professor

Research Interests: Mass spectrometry, ion mobility-mass spectrometry and gas phase ion chemistry. Research projects include development of next-generation instrumentation, fundamental studies aimed at understanding the structure of water, and biophysical studies of peptide aggregation and self-assembly.
Portrait of Daniel Singleton Singleton, Daniel Professor

Research Interests: Organic, organometallic, and bioorganic reaction mechanisms. Dynamic effects and the nature of chemical reactions in solution. Experimental and computational mechanistic chemistry.
Portrait of Dong Hee Son Son, Dong Hee Professor

Research Interests: The main interest of the research is experimental investigation of the optical, magnetic and dynamic structural properties of inorganic nanocrystalline materials using various spectroscopy and microscopy techniques. We are also interested in applying the fundamental phenomena found in these materials in photonics and photocatalysis.
Portrait of Coran Watanabe Watanabe, Coran Associate Professor

Prerequisites: Participation in research group meetings, a willingness to remain in the research group for at least 1 year, GPA of 3.0 or better, classification: sophomore, junior, or senior. Undergraduates are highly welcome in the group

Research Interests: The research interests of my group span the interface of chemistry and biology with an emphasis in natural product biosynthesis including: biosynthesis of the anti-tumor agent azinomycin and its applications in gene therapy, biosynthesis of cycloterpenals (molecules attributed to causing age-related macular degeneration), and the development of biochemical and genetic methods to evaluate cryptic biosynthetic pathways (biosynthetic pathways that are silent within their respective genomes).
Portrait of Vickie Williamson Williamson, Vickie Instructional Professor

Prerequisites: Organic Chemistry

Research Interests: Quantitative and qualitative research in the teaching and learning of chemistry; emphasis on inquiry, learning cycle, particulate nature of matter at the college and precollege levels
Portrait of Karen Wooley Wooley, Karen Distinguished Professor

Research Interests: Design, synthesis and characterization of unique polymers, with emphasis upon the development of synthetic methodologies that allow for the preparation of complex nanostructured materials; novel macromolecular nanostructures for biomedical and materials applications; degradable polymers; nanoscale polymer assemblies; functional polymers
Portrait of Sherry Yennello Yennello, Sherry Professor

Research Interests: Using beams of exotic nuclei to investigate nuclear reaction mechanisms: altering the N/Z of the beam enables the study of isospin equilibrations and effects due to the Symmetry Energy
Portrait of Hong-Cai Zhou Zhou, Hong-Cai Professor

Research Interests: Inorganic chemistry and materials science; Synhtesis and the application of physical methods to materials characterization
Department of Mathematics
  Name Title/Email
Portrait of Michael Anshelevich Anshelevich, Michael Professor

Prerequisites: Linear algebra and programming experience recommended but not required.

Research Interests: Functional analysis, combinatorics, orthogonal polynomials, probability
Portrait of Harold Boas Boas, Harold Professor

Research Interests: functions of complex variables
Portrait of Andrea Bonito Bonito, Andrea Professor

Research Interests: Numerical analysis and scientific computation with particular interest in biological systems and fluid dynamics
Portrait of Andrew Comech Comech, Andrew Associate Professor

Prerequisites: MATH 412, Quantum Mechanics or basic MATLAB skills under LINUX

Research Interests: Partial Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics, stability of solitary waves, attractors
Portrait of Prabir Daripa Daripa, Prabir Professor

Research Interests: Fluid Dynamics, Applied Mathematics, Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computations
Portrait of Stephen Fulling Fulling, Stephen Professor

Prerequisites: Background in physics and differential equations at approximately the level of Math. 412.

Research Interests: Mathematical physics; asymptotic and spectral theory of differential operators; semiclassical approximation; quantum field theory in curved space; Casimir energy; pseudodifferential operators
Portrait of Jean-Luc Guermond Guermond, Jean-Luc Professor

Prerequisites: Have a reasonable knowledge of undergraduate real analysis and numerical analysis

Research Interests: Numerical analysis, partial differential equations
Portrait of Joseph Landsberg Landsberg, Joseph Professor

Research Interests: Differential and algebraic geometry
No Photo Available Procaccia, Eviatar Assistant Professor

Prerequisites: Some programming skills

Research Interests: Probability theory. Geometry of random spatial processes, such as percolation, random interlacements and aggregation processes. Random walk on a fixed and random environment.
Portrait of J. Maurice Rojas Rojas, J. Maurice Professor

Prerequisites: knowledge of linear algebra, open mind and an honest desire to learn and do mathematics

Research Interests: Computational algebraic geometry
Portrait of Eric Rowell Rowell, Eric Professor

Prerequisites: Math 415 and some form of linear algebra

Research Interests: Representation theory
Portrait of William Rundell Rundell, William Professor

Research Interests: Partial differential equations: in particular inverse problems where one has to determine structural elements of the equation from data measurements
Portrait of Frank Sottile Sottile, Frank Professor

Research Interests: Computation in algebraic geometry and in combinatorics, and the applications of algebraic geometry
Portrait of Igor Zelenko Zelenko, Igor Associate Professor

Prerequisites: MATH251, MATH308, MATH323

Research Interests: Differential geometry and control theory
Department of Physics and Astronomy
  Name Title/Email
Portrait of Darren DePoy DePoy, Darren Professor

Research Interests: Observational astronomy and astronomy instrumentation, infared spectroscopy and extra-solar planets
Portrait of Bhaskar Dutta Dutta, Bhaskar Professor

Research Interests: Supersymmetry models, string phenomenology and cosmology, dark matter, CP violation, fermion masses and mixings, rare decays, collider Physics and B Physics
Portrait of Olga Kocharovskaya Kocharovskaya, Olga Distinguished Professor

Research Interests: Theoretical atomic physics; quantum optics; laser physics
Portrait of Peter McIntyre McIntyre, Peter Professor

Prerequisites: A/B in all physics courses

Research Interests: Accelerator physics, applied physics, high energy
Portrait of Donald Naugle Naugle, Donald Professor

Prerequisites: Physics or Materials Science degree students

Research Interests: Condensed matter
Portrait of Alexei Safonov Safonov, Alexei Professor

Research Interests: High energy
Portrait of Winfried Teizer Teizer, Winfried Professor

Research Interests: Condensed matter physics; materials physics; low temperature physics; magnetism; thin films; nanosystems
Portrait of David Toback Toback, David Professor

Prerequisites: Approval of Instructor

Research Interests: Experimental high-energy physics; CDF Experiment at Fermilab, CDMS Experiment for Dark Matter
Portrait of Robert Tribble Tribble, Robert Distinguished Professor

Research Interests: Nuclear astrophysics; nuclear reactions; weak interactions; QCD studies

TAMU Health Science Center faculty with undergraduate research opportunities:

Department of Molecular and Cellular Medicine
  Name Title/Email
Portrait of Sarah Bondos Bondos, Sarah Associate Professor

Research Interests: Our lab is determining how regions outside the DNA-binding homeodomain of the Drosophila Hox protein Ultrabithroax (Ubx) enhance DNA binding specificity and respond to conformational changes, tissue-specific alternative splicing, protein interactions, and cell signaling cascades. We are also creating materials from the Ubx protein, and engineering them for use as tissue engineering scaffolds and biosensors.
No Photo Available Ji, Jun-yuan Associate Professor

Prerequisites: Genetics, cell biology, biochemistry

Research Interests: Our laboratory is interested in cell cycle and transcriptional regulation during development and tumorigenesis. Using Drosophila and cultured human cancer cell lines as model systems, we combine genetic, cell biological, and biochemical approaches to elucidate the molecular and genetic regulatory circuits that control cell proliferation and gene expression.
No Photo Available Musser, Siegfried Professor

Prerequisites: required: biochemistry, organic chemistry / recommended: cell biology

Research Interests: The Musser lab investigates the molecular mechanism of protein transport across: (i) the nuclear envelope via the nuclear pore complex (NPC); and (ii) the bacterial cytoplasmic membrane via the Sec(retion) and Tat (twin-arginine translocation) machineries. We seek to understand how proteins are transported across biological membranes without leakage. Using real-time transport measurements, we seek to construct detailed kinetic models of the stepwise transport, specifically deciphering the energetic driving force behind these processes.
No Photo Available Shetty, Ashok Professor

Prerequisites: Previous neuroscience research experience will be helpful.

Research Interests: Traumatic brain injury, hippocampal neurogenesis, chronic temporal lobe epilepsy and Gulf war illness related studies using animal models. Treating cogntive and mood dysfunction in brain injury and epilepsy models
Department of Medical Physiology
  Name Title/Email
Portrait of Brett Mitchell Mitchell, Brett Associate Professor

Research Interests: We study how the immune system affects the cardiovascular system. One project examines how certain immune cells cause hypertension in women during pregnancy. Another project examines how lymphatic vessels in the kidney function to allow entry or remove activated immune cells during inflammation and hypertension.
No Photo Available Muthuchamy, Mariappan Professor

Prerequisites: Undergraduate level cell and molecular biology courses, undergraduate level physiology courses

Research Interests: The main goals of our laboratory are: 1) understanding the inflammatory signaling mechanisms in lymphatics and in cardiac muscle; 2) microRNA regulation in lymphatic function and pathophysiology of lymphatic and cardiac functions. We use cell culture and rodent models in our studies and we employ state-of-the-art imaging, molecular and physiological techniques.
No Photo Available Rutkowski, Joseph Assistant Professor

Prerequisites: All you need is an enthusiasm for research and a desire to learn a lot, though a solid basis in biology and physiology will be helpful.

Research Interests: Our work is focused on how lymphatic biology and physiology regulate tissue and systemic metabolism. Projects this semester and summer will examine multiple in vivo models of inducible manipulations to lymphatic biology. Skills and techniques that we utilize are diverse, from RNA expression analysis and protein quantitation to fluorescence imaging and metabolic assays.
Department of Microbial Pathogenesis and Immunology
  Name Title/Email
Portrait of Zhilei Chen Chen, Zhilei Assistant Professor

Prerequisites: basic understanding of molecular biology

Research Interests: Research in the Chen group aims to apply biomolecular engineering principles to solve a variety of biological problems. Three projects under active investigation are: 1) the creation of broadly neutralizing non-antibody proteins for combating bacterial infection; 2) the reprogramming of lentiviruses as vectors for disease-specific delivery of genetic payloads; and 3) the development of protein-based 3D materials for tissue engineering.
No Photo Available de Figueiredo, Paul Associate Professor

Prerequisites: Freshman chemistry and biology are required. Laboratory skills will be learned 'on the job'. An ability to commit 15-20 hours per week to research activities is required. Outstanding interpersonal skills and professionalism are also expected.

Research Interests: We are interested in understanding mechanisms that mediate human infection by bacterial and fungal pathogens of global consequence. We are also interested in developing new technologies that will dramatically accelerate the discovery of cancer therapeutics. Previous undergraduate researchers have gone on to pursue graduate or medical degrees at elite institutions, including UT Southwestern Medical School, Harvard and MIT.
Portrait of Koichi Kobayashi Kobayashi, Koichi Professor

Prerequisites: Previous lab research experience is preferred. Enthusiasm for research is must.

Research Interests: We are interested in how bacteria or viruses are detected by the immune system, and how those responses are connected to various inflammatory and infectious diseases. Recent discoveries include 1) the function of Nod2 gene in Crohns's disease and intestinal microbiota, 2) regulatory mechanism of infection/inflammatory diseases 3) identification of MHC class I tranactivator/NLRC5 and its role in infection, bone marrow transplantation and cancer.
Portrait of James Samuel Samuel, James Professor

Prerequisites: We expect undergraduates to join lab for at least two semesters.

Research Interests: Our laboratory works with the obligate intracellular bacterial pathogen, Coxiella burnetii, the etiologic agent of Q fever and a category B biothreat agent. Current pathogen studies include 1) broad survey of proteins secreted via a type 4 secretion system (T4SS) followed by determination of essentiality of each substrate for virulence and detailed analysis of mechanism of host modulation 2) survey of essential virulence loci identified by specific mutant screens, and 3) definition of the relative virulence of phylogenetically distinct isolate groups. / Vaccine and Diagnostic Development. These current studies are focused on 1) the response to infection by the host, especially by cells of the immune system, 2) understanding the components of protective immunity elicited by a killed whole cellular antigen (WCV-1) and, 3) identify appropriate vaccine strategies composed of recombinant and native antigens to elicit protective immunity.
Department of Neuroscience and Experimental Therapeutics
  Name Title/Email
No Photo Available Hook, Michelle Assistant Professor

Prerequisites: One-year commitment to the lab is required.

Research Interests: My lab focuses on the molecular mechanisms mediating recovery of function after a spinal cord injury. We are specifically interested in the effects of conventional pain medications (morphine) on recovery, as well as the interactions between psychological well-being and recovery after spinal injury.
No Photo Available Miranda, Rajesh Professor

Prerequisites: Interest in research

Research Interests: non-protein-coding RNAs, neural stem cells, fetal development, fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
No Photo Available Sohrabji, Farida Professor

Research Interests: Understanding stroke pathophysiology and developing new stroke therapies
No Photo Available Wang, Jun Assistant Professor

Prerequisites: We look for sophomores and juniors

Research Interests: synaptic and circuit mechanisms of alcohol addiction
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