Curiosity is the catalyst to discovery

The key role of higher education is producing two things: discoveries and the people who make the discoveries.

Our faculty and students are driven by the spirit of discovery and committed to pushing back the boundaries of knowledge. As a heavily service-teaching-oriented college at a top 20 national research university, we are constantly exploring, testing, and elucidating, harnessing our insatiable curiosity and intellectual power to help develop practical solutions to real-world problems.


Our faculty recognize that tomorrow's answers are by-products of today's questions and require an increasingly interdisciplinary approach to enable and ensure breakthroughs. Such groundbreaking advances thrive in our culture of discovery in which the pursuit of basic knowledge is elevated to ensure its ultimate world-changing application and potential.


Our college features vast opportunities and resources to help faculty and students excel in their academic and research efforts. Texas A&M Science is home to myriad centers and institutes as well as many specialized laboratories and active research groups dedicated to conducting and promoting targeted, interdisciplinary research and teaching.


A university's success is measured by its return on investments from government, corporations, donors and society. That means making strong contributions to the public good as well as producing top-flight graduates. Texas A&M Science delivers superb learning opportunities and the power to turn discovery into deeds, thanks to our ongoing investment in both fundamental and applied science.

Division of Research

This office oversees research activities for the entire campus and coordinates related efforts with other Texas A&M University System components. It also administers several externally funded grant programs as well as competitive development funds.

Texas A&M System Sponsored Research Services

This is a consortium of Texas A&M University System members that brings together expertise as well as consistent and efficient procedures to enhance research administration and related services across the system research community.

Council of Principal Investigators

This elected group represents principal investigators from each Texas A&M college and A&M System agency and is committed to continuous research and graduate studies environment improvement.

Sigma Xi

This organization was founded to recognize, encourage, and promote scientific research at Texas A&M and to honor its community of science scholars. Members are nominated and elected on the basis of noteworthy achievement in pure and applied science.

Texas A&M System Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC)

On average, the OTC files a patent application every other day and executes one license agreement per week. In addition, it ranks among the top 10 nationwide in the number of licenses executed annually with small businesses.

Research Foundation

The Texas A&M Research Foundation is an independent non-profit service organization. Their focus is to facilitate research and development within The Texas A&M University System by providing highly valued administrative services and resource support at the most reasonable cost.

Research Compliance & Biosafety

The Office of Research Compliance and the Office of Biosafety, is responsible for providing training and support to faculty, students, and staff in regulatory requirements for research. The offices seek to promote and ensure the highest standards for research compliance throughout Texas A&M.

The Research Office handles the following duties for the College of Science: Administrative tasks regarding research (grant approval, annual report)

Research Office
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Portrait of James Batteas
Batteas, James
Associate Dean for Research