To us, introducing the world to science, its careers, and contributions to daily life is higher education in its truest sense.

We are dedicated to supporting the ever-changing needs of Texas public educators charged with the vital role of teaching K-16 science and mathematics. For us, that begins with introducing K-12 students to the joys of science and mathematics through hands-on events and competitions.


A field-based science and mathematics teacher recruitment program.

Advanced Placement®

Week-long summer institutes for in-service AP and Pre-AP teachers.

Center for Mathematics and Science Education

Provides resources to enhance science and mathematics education for Texas' K-16 public educators.

Educational Outreach and Women's Programs Office

Stimulates interest and encourages careers in science, engineering and technology through middle and high school competitions and female faculty and student networking.

STEM Teacher Summit

Daylong workshop focused on interactive experiential learning in science and engineering sponsored by the College of Science and Dwight Look College of Engineering.

USDA Future Scientists Program

USDA-funded project designed to encourage public school teachers, students and parents to become more knowledgeable about agriculture, related research and scientific careers.

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