Chemistry Professor John Hogg dipped a tube into a flask of liquid nitrogen to make clouds of "smoke" billow from the mouth of the dragon's head stopper atop the flask. It was one of a series of popular-science demonstrations that Hogg presented Tuesday to Kingwood middle-school students who stopped at Texas A&M as part of a summer camp emphasizing science.

Hogg burned a $10 bill without reducing it to ashes (by first dipping it in water and rubbing alcohol so it never would reach the 451-degree ignition point of paper) and sent bits of dry ice skittering across a tabletop on cushions of vapor to demonstrate how sublimation converts solids directly to gas.

Hogg, who gives such demonstrations as part of the Department of Chemistry's popular Chemistry Road Show, included lessons in oxidation, reduction and other chemical processes.

The students left impressed. "It was cool," 8th-grader Spencer Eggers said.

For more information on the Chemistry Road Show, go to their website: http://www.chem.tamu.edu/class/fyp/roadshow.html or contact John Hogg, professor of chemistry, 845-0520.

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