Dr. Michael B. Hall, Davidson Professor of Science at Texas A&M University and executive associate dean in the College of Science, is a co-author of research featured on the cover of the January 22, 2007, edition of the peer-reviewed research journal Inorganic Chemistry.

The paper, Assignment of Molecular Structures to the Electrochemical Reduction Products of Diiron Compounds Related to [Fe-Fe] Hydrogenase: A Combined Experimental and Density Functional Theory Study, details related collaborative research conducted by Hall, former Texas A&M chemistry graduate student and research group member Jesse W. Tye, and University of Melbourne colleagues Stacey J. Borg and Stephen P. Best.

Through their study of redox reactions in structural and functional models of the diiron subsite of the [Fe-Fe] hydrogenase H cluster, the team has discovered a rich chemistry that suggests changes in the coordination geometry of the CO ligand, partial dissociation of the bridging dithiolate, and dimerization. Their article presents a combination of electrochemical, EXAFS, spectroelectrochemical, and DFT approaches as a means by which details of the structure can be illuminated and brought into focus for noncrystalline, short-lived products of redox and electrocatalytic reactions.

The complete publication is available via the journal's Web site at http://pubs3.acs.org/acs/journals/doilookup?in_doi=10.1021/ic061211t.

To learn more about Dr. Hall's research, visit http://www.chem.tamu.edu/rgroup/hall/laboratories/Research.html.


Contact: Shana K. Hutchins, (979) 862-1237 or shutchins@tamu.edu or Dr. Michael B. Hall, (979) 845-1843 or hall@mail.chem.tamu.edu

Hutchins Shana

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    The cover of Inorganic Chemistry, Vol. 46, Issue 02: January 22, 2007.

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