Dr. Edriss S. Titi, professor of mathematics at Texas A&M University, has been named a 2018 Fellow of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, joining a diverse group of scholars, artists, writers and scientists in receiving the prestigious international honor.

Titi, recognized as one of the world's foremost experts in applied partial differential equations, earned one of the 12 fellowships bestowed in natural sciences, one of the four categories along with creative arts, humanities and social sciences that accounted for the 173 total fellowships granted by the Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Board of Trustees this year.

Guggenheim Fellowships are intended for individuals who already have demonstrated exceptional capacity for productive scholarship or exceptional creative ability in the arts. Each year, the Guggenheim Foundation receives approximately 3,000 applications for the prestigious fellowships, which are awarded through two annual competitions -- one open to citizens and permanent residents of the United States and Canada, and the other open to citizens and permanent residents of Latin America and the Caribbean.

"It's exceptionally satisfying to name 175 new Guggenheim Fellows," said Guggenheim Foundation President Edward Hirsch. "These artists and writers, scholars and scientists represent the best of the best. Each year since 1925, the Guggenheim Foundation has bet everything on the individual, and we're thrilled to continue to do so with this wonderfully talented and diverse group. It's an honor to be able to support these individuals to do the work they were meant to do."

Titi joined the Texas A&M Department of Mathematics faculty in 2014 as the inaugural holder of the Arthur Owen Endowed Professorship in Mathematics. He also continues to serve as a professor of computer science and applied mathematics at the Weizmann Institute of Science, a position he has held since 2003. Titi received his Ph.D. from Indiana University in 1986 and, following postdoctoral appointments at the University of Chicago and Cornell University, spent the majority of his career at the University of California, Irvine, where he has been a professor emeritus since 2014.

Titi's research in applied and computational mathematics focuses on nonlinear partial differential equations and nonlinear scientific phenomena -- specifically, the interface of their rigorous applied analysis and physical applications. His considerable expertise in mathematical fluid dynamics and issues arising from geological flows has applications to many large-scale problems across multiple disciplines. He plans to use his Guggenheim Fellowship to advance the rigorous mathematical study and justification of the atmospheric dynamics climate models with moisture, and to investigate and develop downscaling algorithms for data assimilation of weather and climate predictions.

"Dr. Titi's work in fluid dynamics and applied partial differential equations is acknowledged worldwide as being of the first rank," said Dr. Emil J. Straube, professor and head of Texas A&M Mathematics. "This prestigious award is evidence of the high esteem he and his work are held in; it is well deserved! We are fortunate to have Dr. Titi as a faculty member and colleague in our department and at Texas A&M University."

A fellow of the Institute of Physics (2004), the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (2012) and the American Mathematical Society (2012), Titi has been recognized with various national and international awards, including two distinguished visiting scholarships to Los Alamos National Laboratory (Orson Anderson Scholar, 1997-1998; Stanislaw M. Ulam Scholar Award, 2002-2003), a Humboldt Research Award (2009), the SIAM Prize for Best Paper in Partial Differential Equations (2009), a Special Distinguished Visiting Researcher Award from the Science Without Borders program in Brazil (2013) and the Berlin-based Einstein Stiftung Foundation's Einstein Visiting Fellow Award (2018-2020).

Since its establishment in 1925, the Guggenheim Foundation has granted more than $360 million in Fellowships to over 18,000 individuals, among whom are scores of Nobel laureates, Fields Medalists, poets laureate, members of the various National Academies and winners of the Pulitzer Prize, Turing Award, National Book Awards and other important, internationally recognized honors.

For more information on the Fellows and their projects, please visit the Foundation's website at http://www.gf.org.

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About the Guggenheim Foundation: United States Senator Simon Guggenheim and his wife Olga established the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation in 1925 as a memorial to their elder son, who died April 26, 1922, at the age of 17. The Foundation offers fellowships to further the development of scholars and artists by assisting them to engage in research in any field of knowledge and creation in any of the arts, under the freest possible conditions and irrespective of race, color, or creed. The Foundation receives approximately 3,000 applications each year. Although no one who applies is guaranteed success in the competition, there is no prescreening: all applications are reviewed. Approximately 175 Fellowships are awarded each year. To learn more, go to http://www.gf.org.

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Contact: Shana K. Hutchins, (979) 862-1237 or shutchins@science.tamu.edu or Dr. Edriss S. Titi, (979) 845-6028 or titi@math.tamu.edu

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