Texas A&M University's Department of Chemistry will celebrate the 10th anniversary of National Chemistry Week with an on-campus open house from 8:30 a.m. to noon Saturday (Nov. 8).

Open house activities will include performances of the famed Chemistry Road Show, tours of research laboratories and Texas A&M's Cyclotron, and hands-on laboratory activities for all ages.

"Regardless of your scientific background or age, there will be something here to pique your interest," says event coordinator John Hogg, University Professor of Undergraduate Teaching Excellence. Texas A&M's celebrations of National Chemistry Week have twice been honored for excellence by the American Chemical Society.

Texas A&M chemistry faculty will present the Chemistry Road Show at 9:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. in Room 100 (the Arthur E. Martell Lecture Hall) in the main Chemistry Building. These elaborate demonstrations feature explosions, fires, creation of weird polymers and other odd substances, Hogg says. The shows are favorites of schoolchildren all over the state.

Also featured will be guided tours of research laboratories and the Cyclotron, featuring demonstrations of laboratory processes and elaborate high-tech instruments used to investigate the structure of molecules.

Four 45-minute hands-on activity sessions for children in grades 1-12 and interested adults will be held in organic chemistry instructional labs.

Multimedia presentations will be featured in Room 2102 and 2104. Visitors will get to try their hands at molecular modeling, using laptop computers used in the undergraduate chemistry program. Other presentations will focus on the relationship between academic research and medicine and industry.

Call Hogg at 845-0520 or write to him at hogg@chemvx.tamu.edu for more information.

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