Texas A&M University statistician Debdeep Pati has been recognized with the International Indian Statistical Association's Young Researcher Award for 2017.

The annual award, co-sponsored by the IISA and Statistical Methodology (Elsevier), honors one outstanding researcher in theory and one in applications. Pati, an associate professor in the Texas A&M Department of Statistics, was presented with the coveted honor for theory and methods during the 2017 IISA International Conference on Statistics, held December 27-30 in Hyderabad, India.

"Dr. Pati was an obvious choice for this award, given his contributions to Bayesian theory in the areas of high-dimensional inference for sparse vectors and graphs," said Dr. Valen E. Johnson, professor and head of Texas A&M Statistics. "He has also made seminal contributions for establishing model consistency. I believe that he is among the strongest Bayesian theoreticians in the world, and this award accurately reflects his prominence in these areas."

Pati received both his master's of science (2010) and Ph.D. in statistics (2012) from Duke University and spent five years as an assistant professor at Florida State University prior to joining the Texas A&M Statistics faculty in fall 2017. His research centers around methodological aspects of Bayesian statistics and its application to large-scale complex data, with the overall goal of developing new theories of evaluation as well as scalable and highly efficient algorithms for Bayesian computation.

One particular area of interest for Pati is the study of Bayesian model selection consistency when the marginal likelihood is analytically intractable. Modeling the distributions of objects contained within images motivates some of his collaborative work, such as applications of tumor tracking in targeted radiation therapy. More recently, he has become interested in building models for discovering communities in large networks and to predict cognition from connectomics data.

In addition to his degrees from Duke, Pati earned an master's of science with a specialization in mathematical statistics and probability in 2008 from the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. He received an honorable mention for the Leonard J. Savage Award for outstanding dissertation in Bayesian statistical theory and methods in 2013 from the International Society for Bayesian Analysis as well as a Distinguished Student Paper Award from the International Biometric Society (ENAR). He currently serves an associate editor of Sankhya, Series A (Mathematical Statistics and Probability).

To learn more about Pati and his research, visit https://www.stat.tamu.edu/~debdeep/.

For additional information about the International Indian Statistical Association, including a list of past IISA award recipients, go to http://www.intindstat.org/.

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Contact: Shana K. Hutchins, (979) 862-1237 or shutchins@science.tamu.edu or Dr. Debdeep Pati, (979) 845-3141 or debdeep@stat.tamu.edu

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