Dr. Alexander Pines, professor of chemistry at the University of California at Berkeley, was awarded the F.A. Cotton Medal for excellence in chemical research Wednesday (March 10) at Texas A&M University.

The medal is awarded annually and is named in honor of Frank Cotton, currently a Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Texas A&M.

Pines, a faculty member at California since 1972, grew up in Israel and earned his doctorate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has received numerous awards from chemical societies, among them the Wolfe Prize in Chemistry, the Baekland Award in Pure Chemistry, the Nobel Signature Award for Graduate Education, the Pittsburgh Spectroscopy Award and the Distinguished Teaching Award at California.

His research centers on nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) theory and experiment, and his techniques have been used internationally. He introduced high resolution NMR of dilute spins such as carbon-13 and nitrogen-15 and proved new theories relating to these elements.

In recent years, he has pioneered several areas of multiple-quantum spectroscopy.

Cotton, considered one of the premier chemistry professors in the country, has published more than 1,300 articles about chemistry research and is the author of several textbooks still used nationally. His Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, first written in 1962, is in its fifth edition. Other textbooks include Chemical Applications of Group Theory and Chemistry: An Investigative Approach. In all, his textbooks have been printed in 30 foreign languages.

Cotton was the first recipient of the F.A. Cotton Medal awarded in 1995.

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