Texas A&M University scientists from the Department of Chemistry, the Cyclotron Institute and the Soil and Crop Sciences Department will present 23 scientific papers at the 221st national meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS), April 1-5, in San Diego.

Five of the papers have been submitted by scientists from the Laboratory for Molecular Structure and Bonding, headed by Albert F. Cotton, a Distinguished Professor of Chemistry. In one of the papers, Cotton describes his 50-year career in non-classical organometallic chemistry.

Others who have submitted papers include John P. Fackler, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Toxicology, who describes his research on the chemical properties of gold; David E. Bergbreiter, professor of chemistry, who presents the design of soluble metal catalysts for organic synthesis, and Francois P. Gabbai, assistant professor of chemistry, who submitted, with collaborators, two studies on polyfunctional Lewis acids.

Other papers include the work of three graduate students of Daniel Romo, associate professor of chemistry: Anja S. Dilley, Yingcai Wang, and Karine G. Poullennec, who study respectively an immunosuppressive, palu'amine, an antiviral agent, brefeldin A, and a potential antibiotic, phakellin. The papers have been submitted by the students and Romo.

Joseph B. Natowitz, professor of chemistry and director of the Cyclotron Institute, will give a status report on the experimental production of hot atomic nuclei, and Thomas Keutgen, postdoctoral research associate, will describe results on chemical reactions studied with the detector NIMROD at Texas A&M cyclotron.

Richard H. Loeppert, professor of soil and crop sciences, has submitted a paper on the assessment and management of arsenic contaminated soils.

The ACS is a non-profit, scientific and educational organization. It is the largest scientific society in the world, with an international membership of 163,000 chemists and chemical engineers.

Contact: Patrice Pages, (979) 845-4618 or Patrice-pages@tamu.edu.

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