Driven by discovery

Our faculty and students work together to push back the boundaries of knowledge.

Each year, the university’s ~2,800 faculty are involved in over 600 initiatives in more than 80 countries, generating a record $820 million in annual research expenditures. The College of Science alone is responsible for more than $41 million of that research, including nearly $6 million in indirect cost return that is reinvested in new and continuing projects.

Degree programs

Can't find exactly what you are looking for? This option is an innovative degree that provides students at Texas A&M the flexibility to combine several areas of interest into an individual degree plan.

Finding research

The College of Science boasts two of A&M's three Nobel laureates, three National Academy of Sciences members, nearly half of A&M's distinguished professors, 5 of 6 members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and its only Searle Scholars. Many faculty are CAREER, NYI, and Sloan awardees. Try searching for someone who might match your research interests here.

Getting funded

Texas A&M Science is actively seeking graduate students who are interested in furthering their careers in science and mathematics. We offer different avenues for funding your continued education. From assistantships and hourly employment to fellowships and scholarships, we have the right program and financial package to fit your needs.


It is in the applicant's best interest to contact a department advisor for initial communication and area-specific guidance to the application process, below is a link to each department's general admission process:

Creating a healthy workplace

Texas A&M is committed to creating a healthy workplace. We do our best to promote a family friendly enviorment.

Be a leader, join in!

Getting involved in student activities is the other education here on campus. There are so many ways to be part of something bigger.

Distance options

While we understand that not everyone can come and be an on-campus Aggie, we have perfected the ability to make people 'virtual Aggies' and offer them the same first class degree that our on-campus students earn. Learn more about our online degree programs.