First-rate faculty

Phenomenal faculty aren't just the exception in the College of Science; they're the rule.

Texas A&M Science boasts two Nobel laureates, three National Academy of Sciences members, nearly half of Texas A&M's distinguished professors, a quarter of its Presidential Professors for Teaching Excellence, 5 of its 6 American Academy of Arts and Sciences members, and its only Searle Scholars. Many faculty are CAREER, NYI, and Sloan awardees.


From providing introductory courses to every major on campus as well as advanced courses to our majors, to directing the Ph.D. research of mathematical and laboratory scientists and helping to solve problems affecting preK-12 education, we're at the forefront of educational efforts designed to produce the next generation of scientists, educators, and leaders of our professions.


Our faculty recognize that tomorrow's answers are by-products of today's questions and require an increasingly interdisciplinary approach to enable and ensure breakthroughs. Such groundbreaking advances thrive in our culture of discovery in which the pursuit of basic knowledge is elevated to ensure its ultimate world-changing application and potential.


Our faculty are a source of invaluable scientific expertise through worldwide scholarly publication, service on scientific advisory and editorial boards, and leadership in international bodies. Many are actively involved in reversing a national science and mathematics teacher shortage by developing more effective tools and techniques to enhance the educational experience for K-16 students and teachers.