Honors in Science

Although the program for college-level Honors in Science is not open at this time, we offer options at the departmental levels for this valuable research-based preparation designed to help our students excel in future endeavors ranging from graduate school to industry.

If you are already enrolled in the college-level program, please note that the following details continue to apply to your honors experience:

Course Requirements:

Students must complete all the requirements for their major in the College of Science. The courses completed for their degree must include at least 28 hours as follows:

  1. 16 hours of honors courses in the College of Science but not in the student's home department, 100 level or above,
  2. 6 honors hours in 300 level or higher courses, from any department at TAMU,
  3. 491H requirements - 6 hours for Chemistry, Biology and Physics majors, with the following exceptions,
    1. Math majors must take all 6 required hours of 491H in math unless they are double‐majoring, in which case hours may be in College of Science departments.
    2. Biology majors may take all or some of their required 491H honors hours in related departments subject to departmental approval by the department of Biology.
    3. With the exceptions stated above, all 491H hours must be in the same department. If a student is a double major, the student may choose either major in which to do the research.
  4. At least 12 honors credits must be in courses other than 491H or 485H.

Requirements to be in "good standing" in the Science Honors Program:

All incoming honors eligible students as defined above are temporarily accepted into the College of Science Honors program. In order to continue to be part of the program, each first year student must have at least a 3.5 GPA, and continue to register for an appropriate honors course(s) to progress through towards the Honors Program. Students beyond first years may enter the program by having at least a 3.5 GPA and making progress towards earning the program requirements.

Removal from the College of Science Honors Program:

Each semester, any student who does not have at least a 3.5 GPA will be evaluated for continuance in the program. If they have less than a 3.0 GPA or cannot raise their GPA to at least 3.5 in the next semester, they will be dropped from the program and from any honors courses for which they have registered. Otherwise they will be dropped or put on probation depending on extenuating circumstances.

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