The College of Science is home to five departments and many interdisciplinary research units that provide technical and educational expertise to the world and broaden our understanding of the universe.



LOC: 100 Butler Hall
MS: 3258 TAMU
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Portrait of Thomas McKnight

Thomas McKnight
Department Head

The Department of Biology seeks to understand life at its most basic levels and convey that knowledge to prepare the next generation of scientists, physicians, and citizens. We provide fundamental lecture and laboratory courses that introduce biological principles to students across the University. We prepare students for advanced biological study and careers and also play an essential role in enhancing an understanding of the central role of biological systems in the global environment. In addition, our faculty provide external expertise and service on scientific advisory and editorial boards worldwide.

Quick Facts 1:
  • TTF (Tenure-Track Faculty): 42
  • Non-TTF (Tenure-Track Faculty): 13
  • Graduate Students: 105
  • Undergraduate Students: 1,558
  • PhD Degrees Awarded: 8
  • Masters Degrees Awarded: 5
  • Undergraduate Degrees Awarded: 272
  • Research Funding: 4.7 million



LOC: 107 Chemistry Building
MS: 3255 TAMU
PH: (979)845-2011
FX: 845-2338

Portrait of Simon North

Simon North
Department Head

The Department of Chemistry, one of the largest in the nation, is also one of its most prestigious. Our faculty is ranked among the top 10 percent in quality by the National Research Council, and their research expertise is enhanced by a comprehensive array of state-of-the-art instrumentation and facilities. We offer flexible undergraduate degree programs that emphasize laboratory practice and research participation, as well as one of the larger Ph.D. programs in the nation (more than 400 Ph.D.s awarded in the past 10 years) with opportunities for professional development. Our goal is to educate junior scholars to become scientists who can be leaders in chemistry.

Quick Facts 1:
  • TTF (Tenure-Track Faculty): 44
  • Non-TTF (Tenure-Track Faculty): 23
  • Graduate Students: 261
  • Undergraduate Students: 346
  • PhD Degrees Awarded: 40
  • Masters Degrees Awarded: 6
  • Undergraduate Degrees Awarded: 53
  • Research Funding: 14.2 million



LOC: 232 Blocker Building
MS: 3368 TAMU
PH: (979)845-7554
FX: 845-6028

Portrait of Emil Straube

Emil Straube
Department Head

At the time Texas A&M was founded in 1876 as the oldest public institution of higher learning in Texas, two of its original six professors were mathematicians. Today the Department of Mathematics continues to perform an equally critical function, maintaining one of the University's highest teaching loads while also executing one of the nation's most impressive and diverse research agendas. We offer three undergraduate degrees with a variety of options as well as traditional and specialized tracks for advanced graduate study. As proven leaders in K-12 educational outreach, technology-mediated instruction, and distance education, we currently offer one of the nation's only 100 percent online master's degrees in mathematics.

Quick Facts 1:
  • TTF (Tenure-Track Faculty): 80
  • Non-TTF (Tenure-Track Faculty): 72
  • Graduate Students: 168
  • Undergraduate Students: 567
  • PhD Degrees Awarded: 13
  • Masters Degrees Awarded: 20
  • Undergraduate Degrees Awarded: 85
  • Research Funding: 6.3 million

Physics and Astronomy


LOC: 114 Mitchell Physics Building
MS: 4242 TAMU
PH: (979)845-7717
FX: 845-2590

Portrait of Grigory Rogachev

Grigory Rogachev
Department Head

The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers firm foundations and flexible degree plans as we open young minds to the frontiers of scientific knowledge in areas such as atomic, condensed matter, high energy, nuclear, and applied physics. Our award-winning faculty includes two Nobel laureates, three National Academy of Sciences members, and 11 distinguished professors as well as many internationally decorated scholars and researchers. While graduate students are much of the impetus behind our outstanding research, most of our undergraduates also participate in research projects.

Quick Facts 1:
  • TTF (Tenure-Track Faculty): 63
  • Non-TTF (Tenure-Track Faculty): 6
  • Graduate Students: 180
  • Undergraduate Students: 288
  • PhD Degrees Awarded: 22
  • Masters Degrees Awarded: 14
  • Undergraduate Degrees Awarded: 13
  • Research Funding: 11.3 million



LOC: 447 Blocker Building
MS: 3143 TAMU
PH: (979)845-3141
FX: 845-3144

Portrait of Valen Johnson

Valen Johnson
Department Head

The Department of Statistics seeks to produce statistical methods that benefit all professions while providing first-rate instruction to prepare students for careers in industry, government, and academia. As of fall 2016, we will offer an undergraduate degree in addition to our master's and doctoral degrees. Together with the Department of Mathematics, we also jointly sponsor an undergraduate degree in applied mathematical sciences. Our research programs feature international leaders in a variety of areas, from bioinformatics to statistical modeling. We also boast many of Texas A&M's top experts in distance education and are pioneers in technology-mediated instruction.

Quick Facts 1:
  • TTF (Tenure-Track Faculty): 30
  • Non-TTF (Tenure-Track Faculty): 13
  • Graduate Students: 198
  • Undergraduate Students: 0
  • PhD Degrees Awarded: 15
  • Masters Degrees Awarded: 44
  • Undergraduate Degrees Awarded: 0
  • Research Funding: 3.9 million

1 2014. "College of Science Annual Report," Office of the Dean, College of Science, Texas A&M University.

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